We grow up together nautical market, during theese years it ‘s changed and we are still young and flexible as required from this market.

Our target is keeping trustworthiness and reliability for our customers and dealers. We selected and assembled our job: everybody is extremely competent and specialized: they are our diamonds tips. Professional in design and in production: we believe in our work: impassioned, honest and engaged.

We choose the best raw materials, we are manifacturer company

From forty years Ambrogi's family, the company's owners, leads the business: several years of work allowed us to choose to work the best materials with various productive methodologies... The italian production peculiarity: to increase results in installer's work and for customer's safety.

We control the product also after the sale.

We can offer you our knowhow: to choose and to install the correct model of antenna to satisfy your customers, a wrong antenna, cable or connector could compromise all work.

Banten is a special brand in international radio antennas market

For these reasons Banten is a special brand in international radio antennas market. We want to improve the production quality to guarantee the best products with high standards. Our objective is to assure competence and, above all, reliability.

Furio Ambrogi, Presidente
Nicoletta Ambrogi, Direttore Generale


RINA ISO 9001:2015

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